Installation, use, and software development information.


Depends has been developed under Python 2.x and the PySide bindings for QT 4.8. It also relies on the BSD-licensed NetworkX Python module. Each of these modules must be present on your machine to run the Depends user interface. Installation instructions for each are on their respective websites, but if any additional information is needed, please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have. After the dependencies are installed, installing Depends is a simple matter of copying it into a directory and running the executable Python script "depends". More detailed installation information can be found in the user manual.


Using Depends should feel relatively familiar to artists and researchers familiar with computer graphics software. Unique user interface features, commandline arguments, environment variables, and other interesting information can currently be found in the Depends user manual.


Depends contains a plugin interface for configuring how workflows are executed, files are browsed, external programs are communicated with, nodes are defined, and datatypes are set. Plugin information can be found in the Depends development guide.

Depends is an open source project and can therefore be modified in any way desired. Information about how the software is designed is present within the source, but this development document describes some of the overall theories and practices that Depends attempts to maintain.


Depends is an open-source project released under the BSD license and can be used and used and manipulated freely under the (few) restrictions posed therein.